Sponsorship Opportunities

Partner for Paws:

Friends of County Pets (FOCP), is the official 501 (c) (3) non-profit dedicated exclusively to serving and supporting Harris County Animal Shelter. Contributions and donations made from the community and businesses to this organization are tax deductible and enable Harris County Animal Shelter to expand programs and services, as well as enhance the care and enrichment provided to shelter animals. We value our community partners and appreciate your lifesaving support as we move forward toward achieving our 90% leave alive goal. Opportunities to make an impact for our shelter animals include:

Sponsor an Adoption Event:

On average Harris County Animal Shelter receives, 40-60 animals per day from the community and our current facility can comfortably accommodate 150 animals. While our staff swiftly works to place as many animals as possible in new homes through our adoption and foster programs, as well as placement with our vast network of in state and out-of-state adoption partners, due to these factors, we typically operate at over capacity. By sponsoring an adoption event, your company supports our lifesaving efforts by enabling us to waive adoption fees. These fee-waived adoption events successfully place hundreds of shelter animals in homes in just a matter of days. By aligning with our cause, your company benefits from visible lifesaving results, while helping Harris County Animal Shelter to increase its leave alive goal. In return, your company will be recognized in a pre-event press release, acknowledged in media interviews, included in signage and social media outreach. A sponsorship of up to $6,000 can help to empty the shelter.

Sponsor Medical Care:

We receive lost, sick and abandoned animals on a daily basis that are in need of medical care that is beyond the scope of what we are able to provide with the resources we have. It is quite common for us to receive animals suffering from treatable conditions, such as skin infections, heartworm disease and broken limbs. In an effort to help these pets, consider donating to our medical fund. The fund will help give pets the medical care they deserve. Please note “medical fund” with your donation.

· Treatment for skin infection $100

· Upper Respiratory Infection $200

· Wound repair $200

· Parvo Treatment $300

· Heartworm treatment $300

· Repair a broken limb $500

· Treatment and hospitalization for a hit by a car dog/cat $1000

Needed Supplies:

Operating an animal shelter is expensive. Your support, whether financial or in-kind, enables Harris County Animal Shelter to help more animals and their owners. Items that we use regularly need are listed below. All items donated to FOCP for Harris County Animal Shelter are tax deductible. A complete list of supply needs can be found on our Amazon Wish List, some items include:

· Large and medium dog crates (Plastic and Wireframe)

· Kurunda beds

· Towels

· Blankets and comforters

· Pedigree Puppy/Dog food (wet & dry)

· Purina Kitten/Cat food (wet & dry)

· Gift cards for PetSmart & PetCo

3 Ways to Donate:

In Person: Visit Harris County Animal Shelter

By mail: Friends of County Pets, 612 Canino Rd. Houston, TX 77076

Online: www.FriendsofCountyPets.org